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Sevilla FC's manager was clear in his analysis after the team's win in Nervión: 'This is exactly what I, and the Sevillistas, want to see'

Pablo Machín appeared before the media after Sunday's win against Real Sociedad. The manager honed in on the team's refusal to give up: 'We wanted to win. We wanted our fans to enjoy it and suffer less than they had been. We were as deserving of a win tonight as we have been in other matches. The problem is that lately our opponents don't need many chances to score against us, but I'm happy with how clinical we were today and that the crowd showed just how with us they are. We have to deliver no matter what, but they push us on even further.'

Furthermore, the coach praised his team's ability to get back up again: 'You see what you're made of in times like this. Sevilla have been through it all throughout the years, we will never let them down in terms of our effort and desire.'

Machín also spoke about changes during the break: 'During the break, we corrected some tactical aspects but our plan was largely the same. We had to improve our pressing and that worked out for us. When we went in front, we kept on going with the same plan.' He focused especially on the start to the second half: 'Maybe it was the best we've played this season. This is exactly what I, and the Sevillistas, want to see.'

'This shows that we are on the right track'

To finish, he spoke about Thursday's match in Prague: 'This shows that we are on the right track. It's going to be a tough game, they're a top team who will feel even stronger being at home, but we're going to fight for the tie tough and nail.'

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