Machín before Slavia Prague
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'We are going to be prepared for every scenario against Slavia. We have to show our technical superiority,' he explained

Pablo Machín, Sevilla FC's manager, gave a press conference this afternoon in the run-up to UEFA Europa League round of 16 clash against Slavia Prague: 'We are strong. I am the first to admit that we aren't getting the results we want but we can't lose too much time dwelling on that because it takes away time to look for the solution to turn the bad run that we're having around. It'll be good for us to return to European action because we give our best performance in this competition. I know I have the confidence of the people at the club and I do not want to let them down, that's why I'm fully focused on turning this around.'

'We have made many changes. They can sometimes be significant or just little tweaks; we've played with a back three, three strikers, a back four... Tactics are important and you have to find the solution when it's not working out for you. But I believe more in the essence of what you do rather than in the system itself. We have to find the ideal framework for the players to express themselves to their fullest. We have to be aware of who we are coming up against but we have to make sure it is the opponent who is adapting to us and not the other way around,' explained Machín regarding possible changes in his team's style.

'We have to get through this bad run. We were doing very well before'

The coach continued explaining 'I don't waste time thinking about things over which I have no control. The run is not normal, especially in the league. I don't want to make excuses, it's clear we are doing poorly and it's logical people start to have doubts. Before we were playing very well and now we are playing poorly and we have to work on that. Our fans are so important at home because they push us on and they are always with the team. We need to give and not ask. If they see us put in the required effort they will forgive the times we maybe aren't quite clinical enough. One thing is the result and another is apathy: we always give it everything.'

'Since I came here I've been backed by the club. I don't want to let myself, the club or anyone who has put trust in me down. The coming game is always a final, just like the very first European game back at the start of the season was. We have the ability to turn the situation around, just like we put in a great first half of the season. I don't gain anything by spending time on things that take me away from working on the next match. I can't let this run stop me from doing my work. I am not afraid of anything. That's my job and everyone deals with pressure. I am clear in my responsibilities and that everything changes based on your results but I am going to keep performing to the best of my ability,' he said regarding his job.

'We are technically superior but we will make the difference in our intensity and concentration'

Regarding the Czech side, the manager stated 'by this stage all of the teams are dangerous and can beat anyone. It will be a demanding game - they are very physical and I'm sure that in some stages of the match it will be a little bit more unorganised than we would like it. We have to show we are better and you show that through your intensity and concentration, in addition to your attitude. Your technical ability is decisive and we are very good in that respect. We are prepared for every scenario.'

To finish, Machín spoke about the team's situation in La Liga and stated 'there are three spots that are impossible to reach and a fourth that many teams are fighting for. We are there and even though we are ambitious we recognise it will not be easy to get it. If we win every game, which is what we want, we will get it. We are in the European spots and not far away from where we very recently were. We have to be ambitious and consistent.'


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