Pablo Machín in the press room in the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán
First team


The manager avoided referencing el Gran Derbi on Sunday and demanded focus solely on Sigma. 'We need to play well, because they have already shown in the first leg that they are a good team.'

As well as deeply going into the transfer window which is about to close, Pablo Machín wanted to make it clear in his appearance before the press this Wednesday that tomorrow's game is incredibly important. 'I think we must all be clear in that there is no margin of error tomorrow and that all of us, the coaching team, the players, and I'd also say the fans, must only have our thoughts on tomorrow's game. We started the started the season a long time ago to get to this moment and achieve the main short-term objective, which is putting Sevilla where they belong. For this, we need to play well because they have already shown in the first leg that they are a good team. I'm sure it will be their match of the season and this makes them a dangerous opponent. If we believe ourselves to be in a better position that we really are then we'll just be making things more difficult for ourselves. All of our efforts must be solely focused on this game.'

Although he refused to give any hints regarding the starting XI, he admitted that he would keep on dividing game-time between the players: 'We normally say that the coming game is the most important one. Then the next one and so on. It's fundamental to keep players fresh and not keep using the same players so that everyone gets a chance. They have to play enough to give them confidence and then there'll be situations where some players will have more rest than others. Our intention is for every player to get minutes, especially when you have mid-week games, in order to show that they're good enough. At the end of the day, in every game there's going to be changes and no matter what team I pick there will be substitutions as well.


He didn't hide that the fans are keeping him aware of the coming derby, but he assured us he wasn't looking beyond Thursday: 'They bring it up but I always tell them the same thing. We're going to win on Thursday because if we don't we will have a complicated season. It's essential, for a team with Sevilla's history, to keep experiencing these mid-week European nights. I don't waste energy talking about what's to come because we'll soon have time to talk about that.' Furthermore, he recognised the passion which football brings about in the city: 'I understand my fans and they show me they are the best fans in Spain. We know that circumstances mean stadiums are difficult to sell out, but when the fans need to be there, Sevilla's always are, chanting our anthem and supporting us.

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