Introduction of the tenth season of  the Antonio Puerta Football School


The four first team captains were the main attraction for the students

Vicepresident Gabriel Ramos, director of the school, Antonio Álvarez, and the four captains of Sevilla FC, Nico Pareja, Daniel Carriço, Sergio Escudero and Gabriel Mercado, came together for the launching of a new season at the Antonio Puerta  Football School, an educational project fully consolidated with what the Foundation pursues, as explained by vice president Ramos, which is the education of the youngest individuals based on the values of football and sport, such as sacrifice, self-improvement and teamwork. 

The presentation of the school thought up in an impressive time period, boasting more than two hundred enrolled students that were able to enjoy the launch in the presence of the four captains of Sevilla FC, photographed with all of the young teams. Furthermore, the two first captains, Nico Pareja and Daniel Carriço, have both respectively enrolled their children onto the programme, lending the presentation of the school a particular and personal enthusiasm.

Gabriel Ramos wanted to particularly highlight in his speech that this was the tenth year of the school. Ramos recalled that several stars of Sevilla have worn the number ten, such as Maradona, Luis Fabiano and now Banega. The Vice president pointed out to the students that they too were a number ten, giving the students a new found enthusiasm.

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