Julen Lopetegui, Sevilla FC
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The manager recognised that it is not worth complaining about circumstances "that are not under our control" and spoke about the excitement of starting a new LaLiga season

Julen Lopetegui spoke to the press just minutes before the team left for Cádiz. The manager began his appearance by speaking about his excitement ahead of a new league season: "It is what it is, we have to focus on the excitement we get from starting LaLiga, which is the most demanding in the world. We're happy to start and we're not thinking about circumstances that are not under our control. It's our mentality and we focus on that. I always say that hours are very important and tomorrow we will make a more complete assessment about the starting XI that may be the most prepared one". 

The manager was also asked about changes to his formation, and how certain changes can be positive for players: "We did not change our system in the final. We played many matches like that last year, but the choice of players can have some characteristics, or others. I always say that the players are paramount and sometimes we have offered variations. We will keep changing things when we think, and that allows you to be as rich a team as possible". 

"The goalkeeper who plays will have all our confidence"

He also spoke about his confidence in the goalkeepers, but did not confirm who would play: "I trust the two of them, and Javi and Juan. Decisions will be made later and we'll confirm the line-up tomorrow. The goalkeeper who plays will have all our confidence". There was talk about a possible debut for Marcos Acuña: "We won't say anything in advance. Tomorrow we'll analyse the situation and we'll see what eleven we decide on. There are players who have come in later but we'll make the decision tomorrow". 

"We have respect and Cádiz are an interesting team"

The manager stressed the importance of having respect for Cádiz CF: "No encounter gives us fear. We have respect and Cádiz are an interesting team, with clear ideas and it's difficult to score against them. They have pace, they're a very well-crafted side and will make it difficult. We have to be ready and we have to let ourselves be carried away by the excitement to perform at our best. I'm sure it will be like that". The focus then shifted to the Sevilla FC squad, and their condition after a 120-minute match in the UEFA Super Cup: "The squad feel good. These situations form part of the world of football, a game of successes and mistakes. We have to give more importance to attitude and effort. I found the team to be goodwith the mentality and desire to give their place to this competition and to a team like Cádiz, who did not let Huesca have a shot on target, and they didn't deserve that result against Osasuna". He then reiterated that the team will only be confirmed tomorrow. 

"The counter starts from zero and we have to look at each game as if it were the last"

Lopetegui finished by talking about maintaining the same competitive spirit, but, of course, with the points tally back to zero ahead of a new season: "We always try to compete from our own understanding of the game. Sometimes your opponents force you to do one thing or another and depending on those situations you have to have one answer or another. We always try to be a complete team, it's not that we always succeed, but it's true that what we did last year is no longer valid. The counter starts from zero and we have to look at each game as if it were the last". 

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