Imagen del Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán en la previa de la semifinal ante el Leganés
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"We have to try and get all Sevillistas to the final", said Castro

Club Chairman José Castro highlighted the enormous role that Sevilla FC fans have played in helping the side reach the Final of the Copa del Rey. With that in mind, the Utrerian advanced economic proposals this Thursday to help season-ticket holders get to the final itself: "In past board meetings we've talked about making an economic effort for the fans and I can say that in the next meeting, once we know where the final will be, the Board will have in mind that important economic effort for the Sevillistas, so they can go to the final. We're conscious that there have been a lot of finals in recent years and it's also on the weekend of Feria in April... We have to try and get all the Sevillistas to the final with the support of the Club , which feels that we don't only want them there to support us but so the Club can be all together. Sevilla will make an effort for its fans not because it's an obligation but because they deserve it and because in this seasonwith so many changes, the players haven't always been the same, nor the board but the fans have".

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