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The President assured that the only possibility that Vitolo leaves Sevilla is by paying his buyout clause, ruling out any decision to negotiate his release.

A lot has been said over the last few days regarding the future of Vitolo and the interest from Atlético de Madrid in signing him, despite the fact that Atlético has been given a transfer ban for the first part of the upcoming season. President José Castro, who appeared on the first edition of Sólo el Sevilla, on SFC Radio to share his impressions of the negotiations with Eduardo Berizzo, did not avoid the topic when asked.. And he gave a forceful reply: “I read and listen to the sporting news just as you do, and sometimes I end up very confused. The fact is that we renewed Vitolo's contrat in August and he has three years remaining. He has a contract with the club. If Vitolo wants to leave and someone wants to sign him, there's a process for doing so, and the process is none other than going to the Liga and paying the total cost of his buyout clause. I don't know if I have stated it clearly enough...But I can say it again. If Vitolo wants to leave, if he wants to leave, we do not want him to go, and there's a club that wants to pay the buyout clause, we are not going to negotiate, he will need to go to the Liga and deposit the buyout clause.”

"He's a player whose contract we renewed in August, we don't want him to leave and we are not going to negotiate.”

Castro was also asked about the statements made by Vitolo's father, in which he said that the player could sign for Atlético and play the first half of the season with UD Las Palmas, but the Utrera-born president did not want to discuss the matter, although he made it clear that there will always be “zero negotiation.”. “I am not going to discuss the comments made by Vitolo's father, because they do not make sense. If I have said that we are not going to negotiate, I mean that we are not going to negotiate anything. If someone wants to take him to another club and he wants to go, well, the clause needs to be paid...But, in any case, Vitolo is one of our captains, an extraordinary player, who has always behaved excellently, but I don't know what is going through his head right now. And clearly if I need to speak with him a bit, I will do so privately," he pointed out.

Furthermore, the President mentioned that "what we want to create is a competitive team, and to keep our best players… I don't want to talk about players leaving, what I want is for Berizzo to come soon so we can begin to talk about new players”

"I don't want to talk about players leaving, what I want is for Berizzo to come soon so we can begin to talk about new players."

The president was asked about Jesús Navas and he admitted that "we would love to have Jesús Navas join our squad, but I'm not going to mention his name nor the name of any other players … We need to wait for Berizzo, because although we have spoken with Berizzo a great deal, it's important that we meet the manager in person”.

Finally, when asked about the future of club management and the departure of one of its members, Castro wanted to send a message of calm: “The only reality here is that there is one member of the management, Dani Salas, who has received an offer and left, however the rest is working at top performance and we are going to renew everyone's contract in June.”

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