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The midfielder has full confidence in his teammates, who will play against Roma tomorrow: "We’ll give it our all in this match, we’ll die on the pitch"

Today, the day that the squad travelled to Germany for tomorrow’s UEFA Europa League match against AS Roma, Nemanja Gudelj spoke to Sevilla FC Official Media from his home, where he has been since testing positive for coronavirus last week. The midfielder started by saying that he feels “very good, I feel perfect, and my family do too. I’m in my room as much as possible and I’m training twice a day so time goes quicker, because the days are long. I’m asymptomatic, you don’t feel anything, you feel normal, but then the test came… The worst bit is that I feel strong and I can’t be back there until I test negative. My body is asking me to train and do things, so I’m working here to stay in shape so when I come back, I’m as ready as possible”.

Meanwhile, his teammates have a test of fire against AS Roma: “They can’t fail, we deserve to win for all we’ve gone through, how the lads had to train after my positive test, all separated… This shows how strong the group is. It is a single-leg match and we want to win. I would give everything to be there with them”, he added. 

"We are a family and, sometimes, that takes you further than just quality does"

Gudelj has no doubts about the group’s commitment: “It’s a competition we have won five times and we want to win the sixth. We have quality in the group, a very good atmosphere, we’re a family. And, sometimes, that takes you further than just quality does. This team and this club can do many things”. 

He is also fully aware of the difficulty of the match, but he has full confidence in his teammates: “It will be a very hard match, both teams are playing away, but I think, with the confidence and ambition we have, that we can and we will win. I have full confidence in our team. They are hungry to win this match and return with a victory. And, from now on, going a game at a time. The confidence they give me is enough to know that we’ll give it our all in this match and that we’ll die on the pitch to win it”. 

"We have already done many things this season, but we still have one more to do"

It would be the start of a journey, where the goal is reaching the final on 21st August: “It would be very beautiful after everything we’ve gone through this season. We have already done many things, but we still have one more to do, which is to be there that day and win the cup for many people in Sevilla”. 

To finish, Gudelj wanted to express his gratitude for all the messages of care and support that he has received since his positive test: “I’ve noted an incredible affection, and a player does appreciate that a lot. I want to thank everyone, all of Sevilla, for the support that they have sent to me, because it helps you to recover as soon as possible. I’ve also seen the affection from the club and the support from everyone. It was my teammates who I first sent the message to, to tell them I tested positive, and straight away they were all sending me messages of support, they ask me how I am every day, the Chairman, José María, Monchi, coaches… They all really support me and my teammates tell me that they miss me, as I miss them”.

"This dressing room is special, they are there like a family when someone falls down"

“And that’s because this dressing room is special, they have affection that you don’t see often. I wish them all the best and I thank them for being there, keeping an eye on me, they’re like a family that, when things go badly, they’re there, not just when things go well. When someone falls down, there’s the family to lift them up”, he added.

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