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The 661 La Liga games that Monchi has presided over is 26% of the total First Division matches in the Club's history. 29.37% of the Club's entire wins have come with Monchi as Sporting Director

At times the years and decades go by without even noticing it. A new year kicked off just over a week ago and Sevilla FC have already been adding new feats to their over hundred-year history. The Club hit a special landmark in last Saturday's win against Real Sociedad: they hit Goal Number 1000 of Monchi's reign as Sporting Director in La Liga. After El Gran Derbi, the tally stood at 999, and Youssef En-Nesyri's hat-trick against Sociedad propelled the number above the one-thousand mark.

Of the Club's 2,538 games in the First Division, 661 have come under Monchi's reign

When Monchi arrived as Sporting Director of Sevilla FC, the Nervionenses had played 1934 First Division games. This figure now stands at 2,538 over Monchi's two spells at the Club. Since the first game back in 01/02, Monchi has presided over 661 La Liga games, 26.04% of the entire First Division games in the Club's history. As Sporting Director, Monchi has been in charge of over a quarter of the Club's games at the highest level. From these figures, you can begin to look at some statistics which outline the incredible work he has done in the last two decades.

Of the 1,052 wins that Sevilla have in the First Division, 309 have come under Monchi: 29.37%. The draw percentage sits at 26.51% (149 of 562), while losses sit at 21.97% (203 of 924). In the entire history of the Club, they have won 41.45% of their First Division matches, drawn 22.14% and lost 36.41%.

Without Monchi, the Club won 39.58% of matches. This shoots up to 46.74% under the Spaniard's management

Without Monchi, the win rate stands at 39.58%, while in his 661 matches that rate jumps up to 46.74% - an impressive rise of seven percent. Draws, interestingly, stay almost the same at 22%. Another significant change is seen in the loss rate which drops down from 36.41% without Monchi to 30.71% with him: a drop of 5.7 percent.

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