Banega during the interview
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'Caparrós is very motivating and his experience will help us in our goal to qualify for the Champions League,' commented the Argentine

Éver Banega, making the most of the international break, gave a long and detailed interview to Sevilla FC's official media, speaking about his and the team's current form. After notching his one-hundredth win in Sevilla's colours, the midfielder stated 'they are all important and even more so in a team like Sevilla FC. There are many special ones and many memories. Finals are always the best matches to play in and they are the ones which you have the best memories of. I hope I can reach two hundred and many more.'

Caparrós and Monchi

The Argentine spoke about Caparrós once more finding himself on the bench: 'Caparrós is very motivating and his experience will help us in our goal to qualify for the Champions League. We have two important games at home now to put the pressure on the other teams around us.'

Regarding Monchi's return to Nervión, Banega stated 'it's an extra reason to be happy. Not only for how he works, but for how he is as a person. Monchi brings a lot to the club. We're all happy he's back.'

'It's not about playing more advanced or further back, I like to play in whatever position I'm put in'

'I love playing football. No matter what position I play in, I try to help my teammates. It's not about playing more advanced or further back,' Banega said regarding his position.

'As the years go on you pick up experience and you know where to be on the pitch, but of course it helps when your teammates are all together helping you,' he explained, the midfielder having the most ball recoveries in La Liga.

'It's truly an honour to be part of this club. If I've managed to reach these figures it's because I've been able to help the club and I hope I can keep on like this,' the Argentine happily declared.

'They have fully trusted in me since the first day. My teammates treat me as if I've always been here and it helped that Unai Emery brought me here as I already knew him. The fans have always treated me well and that helps you improve.'

Overcoming bad moments

'When you play in so many tournaments and matches it's normal that you have bad runs of form. We also had a lot of injuries and I think that affected our rhythm. When one player got back, another one got injured and the players got fatigued through overplaying. Thankfully we managed to turn the run around against a tough opponent in Espanyol and now we're looking up.'

'Machín is a very good manager. Results are what count in this business and we couldn't find that cutting edge to get the wins. We have to keep fighting to finish in the Champions League and a large part of that is thanks to him,' explained Banega.

'Having a captain like Jesús helps a lot - he is an example for everyone'

Jesús Navas

Banega wished to single out Jesús Navas, who recently returned to action with Spain: 'Jesús is a great guy. An example for everyone. He has a lot of experience through all the games he has played and he never gives up. He has won a World Cup and he's returned to action with the national team. Having a captain like that helps a lot.'


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