Correa, Sarabia y Franco Vázquez del Sevilla FC
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The three have scored nine goals and made ten assists in the past month and half of competition

Sevilla FC's improvement in past weeks - best encapsulated by qualifying for the Final of the Copa del Rey - leaves open a number of different points of analysis. The arrival of Vincenzo Montella has meant a lot of changes, as would be expected, and one notable metamorphosis has been in attacking midfield. Though for Berizzo there was no clear starting eleven, Montella has been more willing to show consistency in his selections, commonly choosing an attacking midfield line of Sarabia, Correa and Franco Vázquez. Looking at the numbers, it seems clear that the performances of the trio have gone from strength to strength.

Dividing the season into two calendar years, the three have - in 2018 - already surpassed their collective goal-involvement between August and Christmas. And that's despite playing 27 games together in 2017 and just 12 together in 17/18. 

Vázquez has turned his situation around, and has carried himself to deserved standing ovations in the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán in recent weeks

As impressive as all three have been, you perhaps have to pay special attention to the player who has done the most to win round the Nervión faithful. We're talking about Franco Vázquez, who owing to his particular style of play has not had the full sympathy of Sevillistas this season. Nonetheless, his latest performances have led to deserved standing ovations in the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán. Statistically, he has equalled his involvement in goals for 2017 in the last 12 matches - with two crucial goals and two crucial assists

Another clear case is that of Joaquín Correa, who has scored the same amount of goals in his last 12 matches under Vincenzo Montella as in the first 27 matches of the season. The Argentinian, who's grown a lot at the club, has made clear that he wants to meet the expectations with stats. His five Copa del Rey goals, together with Víctor Curto,  leave the player only one goal short of being the competition's highest goal scorer. An easy enough challenge for the player with the upcoming Copa del Rey final scheduled for the 21st of April. His recent goal that secured Sevilla's win against Girona on Sunday is still fresh in his mind, although there was confusion over whether he or Sarabia were responsible for the goal. 

A massive step forward for Pablo Sarabia who has contributed to 4 goals and 7 assists since the arrival of Montella

It is the Madrid-born player that has been seen to have made the most notable transformation since the arrival of Montella to the squad. In addition to having made themselves into a unit, Sarabia is continually establishing himself as one of the team's key attacking players. In 2018 alone, the player has 4 goals under his belt, double what he had scored in the first half of the season. However, what's even more evident is his participation in goal assists, with a stat currently at 9, with 7 of those this year. 

All together in 2017 the three players contributed to six goals and five assists. Stats are already soaring under the management of Montella, with 9 goals and 10 assists between the three. This transformation of three key players that have allowed the team to make progress in both La Liga and that lends the possibility of lifting a new title in April. All of this has come at an opportune moment with an exciting Champions League tie with Manchester United on the horizon.

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