Corchia del Sevilla FC ante el FC Cartagena
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The Frenchman expressed his excitement with regards to arrival of Machín and his gameplay: "I enjoy my position because I have to both attack and defend".

Sebastien Corchia was guest speaker this Wednesday on SFC Radio's Sólo el Sevilla where he evaluated the side's recent season, whilst speaking about his hopes for the upcoming one: "I'm working hard and my injury has already been forgotten about. I'm able to run without any problems or pain. I'm ready to go, especially because my injury came at a time when things seemed to be going well for me. I'm looking forward to making a return and helping the team because I'm extremely happy here and I love the Club, the city and the fans". 

He also spoke about the severity of his injury: "It was a difficult time, especially because I'm not used to injury and it was the first time that I'd had one that serious. I'm better now and I'm ready, but it was a tough time for me". With regards to the changes in the dugout, he made clear that he was looking forward to what Machín will bring: "I met him last season. Girona played very well and they put up a good fight against us, they were a difficult side to face".

He further stressed that he felt comfortable with the role of the midfielder promoted by the new manager: "I like the position because I have to both defend and attack. We will see what the coach wants, but in principle it's a positive thing for me. There's good competition within the team and I speak with Jesús often. He has achieved a lot in his career and I learn from him".

To bring things to a close, the player commented on the latest movements of the Spanish selection: "I'm in France and I've seen everything that's happening on the internet. It's quite difficult for the Spanish selection, but I believe they'll have a great World Cup".

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