Julen Lopetegui with Rafael Nadal
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Messages were sent from Club President José Castro all the way to his friend Rafa Nadal

Julen Lopetegui received numerous messages of congratulations on reaching one-hundred games as Sevilla FC coach. First up was Club President, José Castro: 'I want to congratulate Julen on reaching 100 games with our team. Less so for 100 games, which is less than two seasons but for how incredibly well he has done in those games. But we can improve even more. I'm sure Julen will make history in our Club and I wish him the absolute best.

Next up was Vice President José María del Nido Carrasco: 'Coach, congratulations on 100 matches in charge of Sevilla FC. I want to thank you for how happy you've made us Sevilla fans. And I remember what you've told me on many occasions: This is the Sevilla of the present, and you want to build the Sevilla of the future with us. I hope you can coach many more games for us without losing sight of our goal which we're striving towards: The next game. Match number 101.' Monchi was next to congratulate Lopetegui and recalled their first meeting: 'I wanted to say what I always tell you: Let's keep arguing, let's keep opposing each other. That helps both of us grow and, most importantly, it helps Sevilla grow. It's a pleasure to spend the working day together: I remember all the way back in May 2019 when we ate together and we realised from the first moment our paths were going to cross. Thank you for everything and for helping me grow as a professional.'

Monchi: 'Thank you for everything and for helping me grow as a professional'

Lopetegui was very thankful for the kind messages: 'You always like to hear these words, but it's the other way around. I'm the one who has to thank them. I don't forget when I first arrived and how much confidence they put in me. I feel the responsibility and motivation to not fail my people and that pushes us on.' There were various emotional moments, and some tears with a brief but heart-felt message from his father, José Antonio Lopetegui, who he has not been able to see as much as he would like due to COVID-19.

The last message came from his friend, Rafael Nadal. The tennis star had already praised the team in the run-up to the final in Cologne, but on this special occasion he wished to reaffirm his congratulations to the team and his friend. I wanted to congratulate you and the team on a great year and the end of last year was spectacular as well. I watch almost all of the games and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the matches. Sevilla are one of the best teams in knowing their play style and you guys show great values in everything you do. Best wishes and best of luck for the rest of the season.'

Nadal: 'I watch almost all of the games and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the matches'

Julen was quick to send his congratulations back to Nadal: 'Other than being the best sportsperson in the history of Spain and one of the best in the entire world, he always looks to improve and is simply extraordinary, living with defeat and victory. He has overcome many injuries and drops in form with class. When he retires he will go on to great things in life as he is very intelligent. Whatever he does, he will do it spectacularly. He helped us to lift the Europa League with the surprise he gave to the players.'

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