José Castro presidente del Sevilla FC
First team


The Chairman assured the press: "Machín is going to contribute his work, effort and capabilities"

Before questions flooded in for Pablo Machín in his presentation as Sevilla FC manager, José Castro said a few words about the boss' arrival: "We're very excited to have a young coach with our philosophy and who is going to contribute his work, effort and capabilities". He reiterated there was no update on a possible departure for Lenglet: "There is no evidence of an agreement between any clubs, nor any evidence that he won't continue with us next season. Any rumours can come out but the meetings we've had are over extending his contract and raising his release clause. We'll keep talking in a few days".  

On the other hand, he was questioned about his own personal record with Club accounts: "I have a clean conscience and it's been confirmed by a judge that there's no kind of fiscal problem". On another subject, he spoke again about the Vitolo case with Atlético: "It was seen in the Federation the issue of the four million needing to be paid for Vitolo surrounding Las Palmas. For now that has been lost but we will revisit it where we need to. We won't pay anything that isn't obligatory. Another matter is Atlético Madrid, which remains to be seen and will have to be seen in the next months".

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