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The President affirms that the manager has always been "the first option," and points out that despite the difficult negotiation, "we have been in complete sync from the beginning."

President José Castro appeared on SFC Radio this Thursday to make an initial assessment of the the beginning of the agreement that the club has reached with Eduardo Berizzo in order to make him the manager of Sevilla FC for the next two seasons. “He is a manager that fits everything that we were looking for in regards to his approach to football as well as ambition. He is a manager with a hunger to win, which is what we need here. He is an ideal manager, and the management has proposed that he be out manager for the next two seasons," he explained.

Castro admitted that "it hasn't been easy," and that “the negotiations have been complicated, which is logical. When you want a manager with clout with a career on the way up, it's logical that both sides have demands, which requires a negotiation not only on financial matters, but also sporting issues and vision for the team… It makes sense that a high-level manager requires a negotiation that is a little more difficult than normal… Both sides have been working for quite a long time to arrive at this agreement. He was our first option. He's extremely excited. I spoke with him yesterday on the phone, and I'd like for people to hear just how excited he sounds. The truth is that we have been in complete sync from the beginning”.

Elaborating further, he explained that “negotiations did not truly begin until this week, after settling things with our previous manager. We needed someone that, in addition to being a qualified professional, has that hunger to win that we have in our club DNA, and know exactly what it means."

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