Joaquín Caparrós en la presentación de Amadou
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The Director of Football talked to the press about the arrival of Tomas Vaclik: "the important thing is that we have cover in goal. If no offers arrive for our keepers, they need to train and compete"

At the presentation of Ibrahim Amadou as a Sevilla FC player, Director of Football Joaquín Caparrós had the chance to clear up the situation surrounding Clément Lenglet: "I talked with him yesterday and he was with us. What's certain is that we've made him an offer because we want him to stayHe's passed his medical test and tomorrow he has to join his teammates at training. As things stand, he'll complete pre-season and compete. Until money is offered to La Liga, there's nothing and he remains our footballer".

He also talked about the imminent transfer of Tomas Vaclik who arrived this Wednesday in Seville: "The important thing is that we cover the goal. We're starting the market and there's a lot left to go, though sometimes with economic evaluations we wait until July. We have the market open and if offers don't arrive for our keepers, they need to train and compete because the position is well covered".

He also talked about the new addition: "We were already following Ibrahim because, as I've said many times, the scouting team give you everything you need. He had been followed and he's a physical player, with skill on the ball and a lot of versatility. It's what our coach wanted. He's a player that matches our philosophy". 

"We were following him. He is skillful on the ball and has the versatility the coach wants"

Returning to Vaclik, he made an evaluation of the keeper: "You should form your opinions but he's an reliable player, who has played a lot of Champions League games and was a leader at Basel - a team that's a champion in Switzerland. He's an international and is a mature player, with a tremendous amount of excitement to come. He had a lot of options from teams in the Champions League and decided to come here to grow. When a player comes it's not because someone likes him but because there is a consensus, one to build the best Club".

Continuing with the carousel of names, he was also asked about a possible Nzonzi departure: "He's the only player left in Russia, so now we're all supporting France so he might come back with more motivation. He has two years left on his contract and nothing more than that". He also said that, for the moment, the priority is arrivals rather than renewals: "There are priorities and we have competition in only a few days. There will be time to talk and evaluate players who are important".

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