Joaquín Caparrós and Jesús Navas in Dar es Salaam
First team


The manager held a press conference in the Dar es Salaam National Stadium alongside the captain, Jesús Navas, before training

Joaquín Caparrós began the press conference by congratulating tomorrow's opponents for winning the league: 'First of all, I want to congratulate Simba for winning the league. Everyone in football knows that is no mean feat. We want the match to be a true show and for the people to enjoy themselves. I hope there'll be no injuries.'

He was also asked about the recent news that he would not continue as Sevilla's manager next season: 'I had a meeting with the president and Monchi this morning. We were both clear about it and now I have three years on my contract to bring everything I can to Sevilla.'

The coach was clear in why La Liga is so important: 'It's the footballers. You've got Navas, Messi, Ramos, Banega... The best players in the world play here and that has repercussions in the media because everyone wants to come and see the best. Tomorrow we're going to be seeing players who have won the World Cup.' Furthermore, he was asked about what he could bring as a coach in Africa: 'I'm open to everything and I would bring all the experience of the many years I coached in La Liga.'

Navas was clear in that the most important people tomorrow would be the fans: 'We really want the fans to enjoy the game. This is a team who has won the league.' Asked about which African teammates left the biggest impression on him, he gave two names: 'I've been with Yaya Touré and other teammates who taught me a lot in Sevilla and Manchester - I had a great time with them and they taught me a lot. I also have a great relationship with Kanouté - the other week he was in my home and he's an incredible person.'

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