Joaquín Caparrós director de fútbol del Sevilla FC
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The Director of Football explained the situation whereby Carlos Marchena will join the coaching staff of the national team in the World Cup, whilst touching on the summer transfer market

Sevilla FC's Director of Football, Joaquín Caparrós, spoke on SFC Radio this afternoon about the request for Carlos Marchena on behalf of the Spanish national team for the Russia 2018 World Cup: "We hope that the national side get as far as possible, but in any case, Carlos will return to his post here. He is an important person to the club, however, we will able to cover his work without any detrimental effect to the Club. What we must appreciate is the importance and presence of our Club, so much so that it has been called upon by the Spanish Federation. They have sent us an S.O.S because they need a member of our entity for the World Cup, and Sevilla FC could not say no".

He explained that Marchena will carry out a role similar to the one currently played at Sevilla, and that the request for his services on behalf of the Federation serves as an example of the level of professionalism here at the Club: "We all have our roles and Marchena will also be the link between the Club and the squad. In Russia he will also carry out that job and he will be an important member of the team. During the World Cup the prestige of our football is at stake, and if Sevilla FC can lend a helping hand then it will. The fans should be proud of what has been asked. 

To conclude, he was asked about the demanding summer transfer market: "We need to stay calm. We are all working 100% on our part and yesterday I was here with our new coach. We spent the whole day planning and reviewing player profiles. It's true that things are moving forwards and advancing, but we don't want to get things wrong and we're making sure that we take the right steps. We are going to give the fans a team that they are happy with".



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