Joaquín Caparrós atiende a los medios en La Coruña
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The Director of Football spoke for the first time about Machín's appointment as Sevilla coach

Joaquín Caparrós spoke to the press for the first time yesterday since the appointment of Pablo Machín as new Sevilla manager: "He's a very prepared coach, with a huge amount of potential and has had a magnificent season. We're going to support him. He comes to a great club, with a lot of excitement and we're going to give him all we can because his successes will be the successes of Sevillismo".

On the choice of the manager, he said: "the Club had a profile they were looking for and he fitted the characteristics". He also went on to talk about Marchena and Gallardo, who have joined his scouting set-up: "Marchena is a very prepared guy with a lot of experience. He's from the Sevilla academy and he's a Sevillista. He's already contributed a lot. Paco Gallardo hasn't been here much time but he's helping us maintain that technical set-up".

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