Caparrós, en sala de prensa
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The Director of Football emphasised that Machín is a "very prepared person with a lot of hunger"... "he's going to build a competitive team, I'm sure, because he's very competitive"

Joaquín Caparrós wanted to show his backing for the new Sevilla FC manager this afternoon, emphasising his faith in the former Girona manager's abilities. He said there would be time to talk about building a new squad but: "He just landed. Tomorrow will be an intense day, we'll keep talking and we have to build a squad. He already has an idea of the squad... We're not going to give any names. Any name or situation that pops up doesn't do the organisation any good... He's going to build a competitive team, I'm sure, because he's very competitive and because he's shown it. No one has gifted him a reputation, he's had to earn it off the back of a lot of work. It's going to be a squad he'll like, taking into account that the level of our squad now is already spectacular".

Asked about the potential of Machín, he said it reminded him of when he made the jump to Sevilla: "no just mine actually, but when Unai signed for Valencia from Almería, Rafa Benítez when he stepped up from Tenerife to Valencia... What do I mean to say? His profile, his clear ideas, how he manages his group... that's what he's built and no one has gifted it to him. Preparation, knowledge, hunger, I'm sure he's going to be with us for many years. I'm sure he's going to help us and we'll make the most of him because he's a very prepared person with a lot of hunger". 

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