Berizzo en Mestalla ante el Valencia
First team


"Hay que fortalecerse, levantar la cabeza y mejorar", añadía

Eduardo Berizzo evaluted tonight's loss to Valencia CF: "I'm not worried about getting the sack, I'm worried about other things that are wrong. I worry about not finding solutions to problems. After a defeat like that everything is pessimism and I don't have answers to immediate questions. We have to get stronger, keep our heads up and work. I have the most responsibility in defeat".

The Argentine coach turned to the game: "In attack they had an unstoppable game that we couldn't detain. They hit us before the break and after and we executed our moments of danger badly. After 2-0 you're disorientated and you go looking for chances and end up conceding more goals".

Berizzo finished up by evaluating the team and its need to pick itself up and improve: "The changing-room needed a good match, which we hoped this one could be but we ended up on the end of a rout. Football does that and you have to look at it that way. My intention is to look for solutions". 

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