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Sevilla's French forward was the guest on "A Balón Parado" on Tuesday night and spoke about some of his favourite moments such as the day they qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League last year in Manchester

Wissam Ben Yedder was the guest tonight on the set of SFC TV's "A Balón Parado" with Robert Arrocha. The French striker, who is in his third season with Sevilla and is going through a good spell with the team from Nervión, analysed the team's and his own current situation.

'The day of the match in Manchester was very special for me. It's not every day you go through to the quarter-finals of the Champions League and I was very excited about the goals. It was a difficult time because I didn't play in the first leg and I came off the bench in the second leg. I'll always remember that day, how I felt and how we qualified. I have the shirt from that day stored away,' explained an excited Ben Yedder looking back on the day at Old Trafford from last season.

'I'll always remember the match in Manchester. I have the shirt stored away.'

'Right now I´m very happy. We'll see what happens and how the year ends but the most important thing now is that I'm feeling very good. We have to focus so that we can work to the best of our ability,' commented Ben Yedder about his current form.

Ben Yedder spoke of the importance of having a good understanding with his teammates in order to score goals: 'In training, we do a lot of situation-based drills, so during a match, you can anticipate where the ball is going to go. This is very important for strikers like me because it allows you to be ahead of the play and you know that a certain player is going to pass you the ball where you expect it.'

The Frenchman also explained his own life philosophy: 'Nothing comes easily in life. Everything requires work and then you may or may not get the luck to accomplish it. Everyone has a different vision of what they do, but mine is to always do my best, to dig as deep as I can and be determined. Of course, sometimes it's not easy to achieve the things I want, but I believe in myself.'

You can watch the full programme on Sevilla FC's YouTube channel

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