Éver Banega
First team


"Since we started pre-season we've been a united team, we're up there because of that and the key now will be continuing to stay this close"

After the second training session involving the whole squad working together at the Ciudad Deportiva José Ramón Cisneros Palacios, Éver Banega, one of the club captains, spoke to official media to offer his thoughts about everything regarding the return of competitive football: "After being inside for so long we wanted to be together. Finally, we are, because we were very keen to be with our teammates". 

Regarding training from home and now being in the final phase, Banega stated that "We were well, being at home isn't the same as being on the pitch, you could tell a lot, but the important thing is that we've come into this really well and let's hope you can see it in the matches that are coming up. We were working on everything little by little, physically we're improving so much. There are a few days left until the first match and I think we'll go into it really well". 

"The main thing now is continuing with the same form we had when everything stopped"

The Argentine offered his thoughts on the team's situation before the break: "It caught us just as we were in a good moment, but the main thing now is that we're well and we continue with the same form we had so that, I hope, we get into the Champions League. Since we started pre-season we've been a united team, with many new people. We're up there because of that, exactly". 

"I think the key will be the unity of the team. Those who aren't picked to play will have to be ready because they will be picked and viceversa, pull together", responded the central midfielder about whether he thinks that the strength will be there to achieve the highest possible number of points.

"I want to play in everything that's left and help the team in everything"

Thinking ahead to the first match after the restart, the derby, Banega was clear: "Obviously the derby is another reason for motivation, they're always great. In my head too, this will be my last one in LaLiga, so I will enjoy it and I hope we can get a good result. I want to play in everything that's left, help the team in everything that's left, as well as being able to get into the Champions League, as we were playing very well. Then we've got the Europa League". 

To finish, the man from Rosario did not hide his excitement about saying his farewell to Sevilla in the best possible way, as he had done after his first spell at the club: "It would be a dream to repeat the first farewell, with a trophy. I hope I can say farewell in the best way. Obviously I'm dreaming of a very nice end for everyone and also for me, for them being the final games that I'll play in LaLiga. Also, I hope to be able to win a trophy for all the people who won't be able to be in the stadium but have always been supporting us". 

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