Antonio Álvarez, en un entrenamiento del Sevilla FC
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After fifteen years as a player and another fifteen as a member of the coaching staff, Antonio Álvarez has returned to help Sevilla FC achieve the objective of European football

For some people, it could be said that their destinies are written in the stars, and one of those people is Antonio Álvarez. An individual who has put their all into Sevilla FC, and who in the last month has had the opportunity to resume a role that has characterized him for a large part of his life. Born in Marchena, Álvarez had to leave for Germany at a young age as a result of a working matter with his family, however, he returned home to try his luck doing what he loved most, playing football. He joined the ranks of Sevilla Atlético in 1973 and wasted no time in impressing, making his debut with the first-team a year later coached by Roque Olsen. Although initially a mid-fielder, little by little he began to play a more defensive role, remaining in the first-team for twelve seasons. 


At the age of 33 he decided to leave Nervión, but not to hang up his boots. Álvarez signed with Málaga and later moved to play for Granada, allowing him to elongate his career until the age of 40, when he retired in 1995. But Antonio's connection with Sevilla FC was not going to end there. As soon as the 96/97 season, his return to the Club had already been set into motion when he worked as vice coach to José Antonio Camacho, later serving as a substitute during a match against Bilardo. Forming a partnership with the Argentinian, he remained a member of the coaching staff under the management of Juan Carlos Álvarez, Vicente Miera, Julián Rubio and Fernando Castro Santos. 

Following on from his playing career between 1973 and 1988, he became a member of the coaching staff from 1996 until 2010

With the arrival of Caparrós came the stability that Sevilla had been missing, and although he chose not to continue following the 05/06 season, Álvarez continued to serve alongside Juande Ramos and Manolo Jiménez. In 2010, following 14 consecutive years forming part of the pitchside team in Nervión, Álvarez's career at Sevilla had seemingly come to an end. With the team's victory in the Copa del Rey Final and their qualification for the Champions League with the unforgettable goal from Rodri, the Club opted for his renewal. However, following their elimination and an unsteady start to their La Liga campaign, his services were no longer required at the Club. 

Álvarez's contributions to the Club were reflected in him being named a Sevilla FC Legend at the end of 2016. Just months after, Antonio Álvarez once again made a return to the Club and was named as director of the Antonio Puerta Football Academy. In recent weeks he expressed his willingness to help Sevilla in any way he could, and in no time at all Álvarez was back on pitchside following Vincenzo's departure from the Club. Joaquín Caparrós enlisted him as vice coach amongst a coacging body who were looking to achieve the European objective. Álvarez returned to the Sevilla FC changing rooms eight years on, with the qualification for the Europa League in the bag. 

After being named a Sevilla FC legend, he returned to the Club as director of the Antonio Puerta Football Academy

Antonio Álvarez is, without doubt, a man of Sevilla FC, the boy that came from Germany to make his dream a reality, the same individual who more than 4 decades later can say that Sevilla FC is well and truly his past, present and future. Catapulting the Club to success, he has won six titles, recognition as a Sevilla FC Legend on an individual level, and the love and gratitude of all Sevillismo for his selfless work. 


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