Partnership agreement between ISS and Sevilla FC
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Shekou International School in Shenzhen, China, is the first school in which Sevilla FC's football consultancy has been implemented, with the launch of the first ISS Sevilla Football Academy.
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Sevilla FC has signed an agreement with ISS, a leading international education organisation with more than 800 international public schools worldwide and thousands of educators. ISS provides comprehensive, personalised, student-centred services to schools and educators that exemplify best practices, foster innovation, encourage collaboration and connect teachers worldwide. With more than 60 years of experience, it helps develop and manage international private schools, by staffing them, providing them with equipment and supplies, and supporting the best teaching and learning methodologies.

Sevilla FC has signed this agreement with the aim of increasing the services that ISS currently offers in its network of private schools and in fact it has already been implemented in the Shekou International School in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, in the province of Guangdong. The agreement states that Sevilla FC provides comprehensive advice for the football activity that takes place in international schools that are part of the ISS network. In addition, as part of this consultancy agreement, the kits that will be used in the schools that gradually join the football programme will bear the colours and symbols of Sevilla FC, with the Sevilla FC brand being reflected alongside that of ISS.

Castro: "This agreement allows us to take a further step towards our goal of international growth."

José Castro, president of Sevilla FC: "Without a doubt, this agreement allows us to take another step forward in our goal of international growth, and more specifically, we are doing so primarily in a country like China, which is one of the key markets in our strategy. In addition, we must highlight the importance of being present in such an important area as sports training, which is undoubtedly an added value." For Gregg Smith, Vice President of ISS Asia-Pacific and Director of Shekou International School, "the ISS Sevilla Football Academy is much more than training. Our partnership with this important club is based on our common values in the pursuit of quality, education, commitment and continuous improvement. We have been educating students from all over the world for six decades, while Sevilla FC has been identifying and building talent in Europe for twice that time. Both ISS and Sevilla FC have been successful and we believe that our contribution to the world comes from helping young people to be the best they can be."

Sevilla FC has spent several seasons working in China, a country of strategic importance for the club’s process of internationalisation.  This work has bore fruit with various markers of success with penetration seen in the Asian market through Chinese social media sites. The club has accounts on Weibo, Douyin y WeChat, and in total this one million followers, a 40% increase on the figures from 2021.

About ISS

International School Services was founded in 1955 by Arthur Sweetser who was an emissary for the United States Government. He advocated peace and international collaboration leading to the creation of The League of Nations, which is now The United Nations. Every year ISS works with more than 800 international schools through a wide range of services which all help to support, and leave a mark on, international education. Pledging to create and support schools at the highest level all over the world, they try to educate students so that they may become thoughtful and imaginative leaders, who share a global understanding of the world.