Sevilla FC's Amazon store


Though still waiting for official Nike products, the Amazon store offers more than one hundred Sevilla FC branded products

Sevilla FC now has its own Amazon store, which will serve as another base for the purchase of Sevilla FC licensed products. 

Until now, Sevilla FC products have been sold in a in a decentralised manner, however, from now on, all products licensed by the club can be found on our Amazon store. Currently, there are a total of 110 items related to Sevilla FC - a number that will gradually grow. 

You can access the new store using this link. For the moment, you cannot buy official Nike products relating to Sevilla FC, though negotiations are ongoing to change this. Naturally, all Nike products from Sevilla FC can be found in our official online shop at

Sevilla FC has made the decision to open an Amazon store owing to the number of searches made for Sevilla FC on Amazon. The level of demand is high, now the Club has decided to give back with a new online sales hub.  

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