2006 UEFA Cup final in Eindhoven
The Club


Today marks fifteen years since Sevilla's unforgettable first European trophy

May has come, and with it, a month of celebration for Sevilla FC. Not only in current times - rarely do Sevilla reach this stage of the season without something exciting to look forward to. And not to mention the memory of all the cups won in this century. The first anniversary of the month is the first trophy which kicked it all off. Eindhoven comes up every 10 May as a sweet memory. The innocence, the naivety of not understanding what was really happening. A process of maturation that has brought the Club and its fans to where they are today.

Sevilla FC and Middlesbrough FC arrived at the final at the Philips Stadion to everyone's surprise. It was the first time that either club played in front of an on-watching Europe and it was an absolute treat for their fans. Sevilla fans were living a dream just being in the final. Far from the age of expected finals, where the only objective is to lift the trophy, arriving at that final in Eindhoven was a trophy itself. Many years had fans watched this kind of final on the television, imagining that maybe just one day one of the two sides would be their Sevilla.

Sevilla fans lived that night with the innocence of not knowing what was to come

The Markt Platz, the space designated by UEFA for Sevilla fans to come together on the morning of the final, became ever more white and red as the numerous flights from Seville came landing in. The morning went on longer than many others, as always happens when there is so much to take in. More would come, many more in fact, but that final in Eindhoven was the first that would bring so much joy to various generations of Sevilla fans whose expectations were not as high as they would later become.

And while the greatest memories of that night are more personal and remembering how, where, and with who we spent that magic night, it would be unfair to not mention perhaps the most important result of that night: the sporting transformation. That final, unbeknownst to the euphoric Sevilla fans, would lead to so many more. The 4-0 confirmed Sevilla had catapulted themselves to the next echelon of the sporting elite as Javi Navarro lifted a trophy that Sevilla fans had no idea would lead to five more, six in total, in the next fifteen years.

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