Flowers where José Antonio Reyes rests
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His father, Francisco Reyes; Sevilla FC Chairman, José Castro, and CD Utrera Chairman, Antonio Camino, were all present

It is one year since José Antonio Reyes passed away and early this morning there was a very emotional and special moment at the Municipal Cemetery of Utrera, where Sevilla FC and CD Utrera carried out a floral offering. In front of José Antonio's father, Francisco Reyes, Sevilla FC Chairman, José Castro, left a bouquet of flowers where the Nervionense legend rests, as did Antonio Camino, Chairman of Utrera CD.

Moments later, Sevilla FC's top executive spoke to SFC Radio, where he recalled the idol: "A year has passed and it seems that it has never happened. But it did happen. And Reyes went from being a magnificent player and person, to a legend. What there is is pain. We've been to the cemetery to pay tribute to him. He was an important part of the growth of this entity with his sale. Then he came back and kept on giving us titles... And we all have him in our minds, not only because of the magnificent footballer he was, but also because of the magnificent person he was".

"We parents aren't ready to see our children die"

This is how José Castro, a childhood friend of his father, Francisco Reyes, remembered it: "That's right, and he's having a horrible time. His life is going to the cemetery every morning. And his mother has barely left the house since he passed away. We parents are not prepared to see our children die".

"He's given us all something to remember him by"

And he continued to pay tribute to the pearl of Utrera: "God gave him to play football like the gods. Caparros said it was the closest thing to Messi he had ever seen on a football field. And there are very few players in the world who can do that... He was a footballer who left us all with an incredible memory. He was a great professional. And as a person, he was a great guy and, like all geniuses, he was capable of any brilliance. He gave us all something to remember him by".

"It's true that our club has given enormous joy in terms of growth and trophies, but it has also had these unfortunate accidents. Reyes, Puerta... Life is like that and it has these things. Today we are all sorry for the day that is, but life goes on, Sevilla goes on and we have to look forward. Always remembering our people, but thinking that everything goes on and that we have to go on with strength," he added. 

Sevilla FC · El presidente Castro recuerda a Reyes un año después de su pérdida

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