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The ceremony conducted by José Antonio Sánchez Araujo will be broadcasted live on SFC TV and SFC Radio

This Wednesday the name of Enrique Montero will be etched in the history of Sevilla FC. The club will grant the Portuense footballer legendary status in a touching ceremony, presented by José Antonio Sánchez Araujo, that will be broadcasted live on SFC TV and available to listen to on SFC Radio from 13:00pm.  

Montero will be the tenth player to receive this recognition, the highest distinction that the Club can present to an ex-player, and will join other ex-Sevilla FC players Juan Arza, José María Busto, Marcelo Campanal, Ignacio Achucarro, Antonio Valero, Paco Gallego, Enrique Lora, Curro Sanjosé and Antonio Álvarez.

Montero played with Sevilla FC for 11 seasons, appearing in 323 matches and scoring 52 goals, but above the stats is the precious mark that he left on Sevillismo with his immeasurable class as a home-grown product of the Club. serious knee injury incurred at the peak of his career held the player back from rising even higher in the ranks, hindering his '82 World Cup selection and causing him to miss out on representing his national side. 

After leaving Sevilla FC, Enrique Montero played four seasons with Cádiz CF's first team and eventually retired from his footballing career whilst at Racing Club Portuense, the team of his birthplace. Today, 31 years following his start in Nervión, Sevilla FC will pay homage to a player that, with all he has achieved, has been one of the best in the club's history. 


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