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Ramón Sánchez PizjuanThe Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán project begins in 1937. It was that year when Don Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán, for that time Chairman of the Club, bought the land over which he wanted to build the New Nervión Stadium. Nevertheless, he had to wait until 1954 for the first steps to take place. By that time was carried out a public design competition, won by Manuel Muñoz Monastery, the same architect that not long before designed the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

A coliseum to the height of the emergent Seville of the time, was Sánchez-Pizjuán greatest dream. He was going to achieve it, but however, he died by the end of October of 1956, a few weeks before the works began. His successor, Ramón de Carranza, promised before his tomb that the Stadium would be raised as it had been projected and that it would carry his name. The first stone was placed on December 2nd 1956.

The construction of the stadium concluded in the summer of 1958. It was inaugurated on September the 7th, with a friendly match against Real Jaén that ended with a 3 all tie. Nevertheless, the field didn't still have the high tribunes of Fondo and Preference. In 1974, under Eugenio Montes Cabeza presidency, it was finally closed, reaching for that time its biggest capacity, more than 70.000 spectators

There were more changes. With excuse of 1982 World Cut was built the red visor and the mosaic located at the Preference tribune wall. Also, the capacity of the stadium was reduced to around 66.000 spectators. The last modification was made in the mid nineties, to satisfy the new FIFA normative, and all standing locations. Since then, the capacity of the stadium is for 45.500 spectators. For next summer or season (07/08), there is a programmed an increase of the crowd's seated capacity and a remodeling of our coliseum. It will include a new image, modernizing all its structures and incorporating four access towers, one in each corner, with the intention of marketing the ground floor of one of Seville's most representative buildings.

Seville's Stadium is with difference the most prestigious in Andalusia and one of the shiniest in Spain. In fact, here was played the World Cup semifinal between France and Germany. Also, here was held the 1986 Europeans League Champions Cup (now known as Champions League), won by Steaua Bucarest (Romania) in the penalties to F.C. Barcelona (Spain). Been the second spanish stadium to hold such final, after the Santiago Bernabeu (Madrid), and before, for example, of the Nou Camp (Barcelona). These are the only 3 Spanish stadiums to held the maximum European championship final.

Also, the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán is the only stadium where our national team has played with assiduity and has never been beaten. The balance is spectacular: 19 victories and only three ties. Nevertheless, by the mid nineties, the national team stopped using our stadium as main headquarters for its international classification matches.

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